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The Bible has more to say about giving than it does heaven, hell, prayer – even faith! Why is giving a recurrent theme in the Bible? Because God wants us to understand – and enjoy – the blessings that come to those who give with a cheerful heart.

Tithing and Generosity reflects a grateful heart that wants to give back to God a portion of what he has given us; and in reality, what is already his. Tithing is our opportunity to show God that he is first in our lives. James 1:17 says every good and perfect gift is from above…”. We have an opportunity to tangibly show he is the “owner” of our finances by giving back to him the first of what he gave us.

Jesus taught in Matthew 6, there is a connection between our hearts and our wallets. He knew the biggest competitor for our trust and dependence on Him was money. Giving is an opportunity to tangibly demonstrate we trust Him above anything else. When we give, we’re saying we believe God can do more with part of our money than we can do with all of it.

With God’s favor and your faithful support, we have seen countless baptized, marriage healed, families restored, leaders equipped and the next generation rise up and take a stand for their faith. Let’s continue the great work the Lord is doing through and in us all.

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Giving online is an easy, secure way to give to the ministries of TFT. Whether you are giving your weekly tithe or are giving toward a specific ministry, online giving makes it easy. It is also possible to set up recurring gifts. However you choose to give, thank you for making the work of TFT possible.

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You can give by cash or check in any service. You can also drop these gifts off at the church office through the week (9am – 3pm Mon - Thurs)
Checks can be made out to TFT.


You may make your check payable to “TFT” and mail it to: P.O. Box 247, Greenbrier, AR, 72058.

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